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Ferruccio Venturi and his wife Maria opened up a small craft workshop in Nogarole Rocca, in the province of Verona. For all his fellow villagers, Ferruccio was known simply as “El Scarpolìn”, the shoemaker in the local dialect. Later, the couple’s three sons Luigi, Giorgio and Giuseppe, took up the reigns of the business, and in 1964 set up FRAVEN (a contraction of Fratelli Venturi, the family surname).

1965 - 1989

During the Sixties and Seventies, all the stages of the production process - cutting, folding and binding, assembly, finishing and packaging - were carried out directly within the company. From the Eighties onwards, with a view to optimising company resources and boosting production quality, the design and strategy phases were kept in-house, while the more technical activities were outsourced to contractors in Italy and abroad.

1990 - 2015

During the Nineties, Fraven coped successfully with the economic crisis and the competition from the East, by shifting part of the production cycle to Romania for most of its models, strengthening the in-house R&D departments and restructuring the sales force. Since the advent of the new millennium, the company has been investing even more heavily in innovation, with new high-tech machinery and increasingly outstanding materials.


The Saniped brand is aimed at adult customers seeking maximum comfort for their feet.

This footwear is the result of excellent knowledge of human anatomy, close collaboration with healthcare professionals and the latest in technological innovation in the footwear sector.



Novelty is the Fraven brand that combines wellbeing with elegance,

With footwear for men and women that keeps an eye on the fashion of the moment without compromising on its main objective: the wellbeing of the foot. The distinctive style of these shoes has technology at its heart, coming closer to perfection with each collection.


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Nogarole Rocca (Verona)



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